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Welcome to CDC OneLab Network, a collaborative community of public health and clinical laboratory professionals and CDC. OneLab Network connects laboratory professionals and CDC through live events and provides access to customized laboratory training resources.  

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Diagnostic Excellence: A New Quality Tool to Prevent Blood Culture Contamination 

Laboratory analysis of blood cultures is vital to the accurate and timely diagnosis of bloodstream infections. However, the reliability of your testing depends on clinical compliance with collection procedures that limit the risk of inconclusive or incorrect results. False negative blood culture results due to inadequate volumes of blood can result in misdiagnosis, delay therapy, and increase patients’ risk of developing or dying from bloodstream infections. Likewise, commonly occurring bacteria or fungi on human skin (i.e., commensal organisms) can increase the risk of false positives, compromising care and leading to unnecessary antibiotic therapy and prolonged hospitalization. 

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December 13, 12-1 pm ET

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OneLab Network Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CDC OneLab Network?

OneLab Network is a collaborative community of public health and clinical laboratory professionals and CDC.  Through OneLab Network, laboratory professionals can connect with each other and CDC through live events and access customized laboratory training resources.  

OneLab Network provides:  

  • Training resources: free clinical and public health laboratory-relevant webinars, video job aids, eLearning, and virtual reality courses  

  • CDC laboratory training experts: a direct channel for laboratory professionals to share their training needs with CDC instructional designers   

  • Community of practice: a peer-to-peer learning community of laboratory professionals  

OneLab Network is part of CDC OneLab.  

What is the goal of OneLab Network?

CDC developed OneLab in 2021 to unite clinical and public health laboratory professionals and the testing community to improve training for public health emergencies.    

OneLab Network aims to meet laboratory learners’ most urgent training needs and collectively support rapid, large-scale emergency responses:  

  • Identify and respond to feedback from laboratory professionals    

  • Share free training resources to help learners respond to laboratory challenges  

  • Connect laboratories to exchange lessons learned and best practices  

Who should join OneLab Network?

All public health or clinical laboratory professionals who would like increased access to laboratory education and training resources are welcome to join OneLab Network! 

Most OneLab Network members are responsible for education and training within clinical laboratory professional organizations, commercial laboratories, hospital systems, and public health laboratories.  

If you perform or coordinate testing at non-laboratory sites, we invite you to join OneLab TEST

How do I find out about and register for upcoming OneLab Network events?

The best way to find out about and register for upcoming events is to join OneLab Network today. As part of OneLab Network, you will receive regular email updates with registration information for upcoming network-specific laboratory trainings and education opportunities, as well as links to new and featured resources. 

You can also find out about and register for upcoming OneLab Network events by visiting this page, which is updated regularly with upcoming events and registration links. 

How do I join OneLab Network?

If you are new to the OneLab REACH learning management system, take the following steps to join OneLab Network: 

  • Create a new OneLab REACH account
  • Select Opt In to OneLab Network on the first registration screen
  • Click Create Account
  • Complete the registration process and demographic survey

If you are already registered as a OneLab REACH user, take the following steps to join OneLab Network:

  • Log into your OneLab REACH account 
  • Go to My Account, click Edit, and Opt In to OneLab Network
  • Click Save

Does this page replace

Yes. This is the new hub for all things OneLab Network.  

I joined OneLab Network prior to May 1, 2023. Do I need to re-register for the network via OneLab REACH?

It’s not required, but we encourage OneLab Network members to join OneLab REACH to get the most out of your membership.

Are OneLab Network events recorded? Where can I access them?

We record, transcribe, and post OneLab Network webinars and event materials (e.g., slides) on the OneLab Network page within two weeks of the event. We post summaries of all other events, though we might not record some event formats (e.g., breakout sessions).  

How can I suggest topics for future OneLab Network events?

We welcome suggestions and feedback on OneLab Network! Please email