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5-10 Minutes
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OneLab VR: Tutorial Scenario

VR Headset MetaQuest

A VR HEADSET is required to take this course

In this course, you’ll enter a virtual world and interact with your environment using a VR headset. OneLab VR was designed for the Meta Quest headset.

Please read more about the requirements below. 


OneLab VR encompasses a 50,000-square-foot virtual facility focused on clinical and public health laboratory training. OneLab VR includes 12 different laboratories and over 100 (and counting) laboratory-specific pieces of hardware and equipment. We’ve worked extensively with laboratory architects, designers, safety experts, and members of the clinical laboratory community to create this virtual training space. We’ve rigorously researched, tested, and reviewed everything from the physical size and placement of laboratory environments to simple things like the placement of fire alarms and sprinkler systems. As needs grow and we develop new training programs, we will add them to this all-encompassing virtual environment. OneLab VR includes several 3–5-minute virtual reality training scenarios designed to quickly familiarize the user with laboratory hardware, safety, and task-specific procedures. These training scenarios include videos, voice-overs, and animations to assist learners with training tasks.

Scenario Objectives

At the end of this 5-10 minute scenario, learners should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the basic skills needed to navigate
  • Demonstrate how to pick up and put down objects
  • Demonstrate how to use the wrist menu to access the map and all the available training
  • Demonstrate how to customize the user experience
Virtual Reality (VR) Hardware Needed

This VR course requires a play area of at least 3ft x 3ft, but a larger 20ft x 20ft space is ideal to make the experience feel more accurate and real. This VR course also requires a play area with 360° tracking. Currently, this course is designed to be viewed using the MetaQuest2 headset.    

OneLab VR must be installed on your MetaQuest headset to complete this scenario

Please search the MetaQuest AppLab store for “OneLab VR” and install it before continuing. If you prefer to install it via the MetaQuest app, please use the QR code below to locate it on your mobile device.