About CDC OneLab™

OneLab is an initiative that bridges, trains, and sustains a network of laboratory professionals and testers as our community supports rapid, large-scale responses to public health emergencies. CDC developed OneLab in 2021 to unite clinical and public health laboratory professionals and the testing community to improve training for public health emergencies.

OneLab aims to build capacity and establish a sustainable learning community that equips the laboratory workforce and testing community with the essential tools and resources to improve public health and patient outcomes. The Training Workforce and Development Branch in CDC's Division of Laboratory Systems leads OneLab.

OneLab includes the following elements: OneLab REACH™, OneLab Network, OneLab TEST, OneLab VR, OneLab Summit, OneLab Resources, and OneLab Assessments.


OneLab REACH (Rapid Education and Capacity-building Hub) is a customized learning management system designed specifically for laboratory professionals and the testing community. OneLab REACH offers free eLearning and virtual reality courses, printable and video job aids, and continuing education, including P.A.C.E.® OneLab REACH provides training resources that cover essential topics, including preparedness & response, quality, safety, core science, laboratory fundamentals,  informatics, diagnostic testing, packing & shipping and workforce development.

OneLab Network

OneLab Network is a collaborative network that provides access to customized laboratory education and training resources, as well as free opportunities for clinical and public health laboratory professionals to connect with each other and CDC through live events. Most OneLab Network members are responsible for education and training within clinical laboratory professional organizations, commercial laboratories, hospital systems, and public health laboratories.


OneLab TEST (Timely Education and Support of Testers) is designed to connect, train, and empower the community of those who perform or coordinate testing in non-laboratory settings.  Most OneLab TEST members are professionals and volunteers affiliated with drive-through and workplace testing sites, schools, local health departments, long-term care and assisted living facilities, pharmacies, clinics, and physician offices.

OneLab VR

OneLab VR is a multiplayer virtual reality (VR) environment that allows users to take on-demand VR trainings or use the space to deliver live trainings to their own staff. With 12 different laboratories and a 50,000-square-foot virtual facility, OneLab VR empowers laboratory professionals to apply, assess, and improve their skills in a safe and controlled learning environment.

OneLab Summit

OneLab Summit is a free, three-day virtual summit that connects laboratory professionals in real time to support a unified response to laboratory training. Each annual Summit includes hands-on experiences designed to help attendees improve their skills through training in technologies, learning and development tools, and practices.

OneLab Resources

OneLab Resources include free eLearning trainings, video and printable job aids, and toolkits for laboratory professionals and the testing community.

OneLab Assessment

OneLab Assessments inform the development and promotion of OneLab training resources. To support the development and dissemination of relevant and timely education and training resources for OneLab, CDC conducted a training needs assessment in February 2021, which included an electronic survey and multiple focus groups. 

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Contact: OneLab@cdc.gov